Playground Rubber Mulch

Playgrounds have come a long way since the first playground was built in Manchester, England in 1859. From changes in color trends, to certain play features being phased out, to changes in what children play over, playgrounds today are almost unrecognizable compared to their original concept. To keep your playground up to date, rely on NWA Rubber Mulch for premium rubber playground mulch.

NWA Rubber Mulch provides rubber mulch to playgrounds like yours in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and throughout the continental United States. Local pickup options are available in the Dallas, Texas, St. Louis, Missouri, and Central Arkansas areas. We believe every child deserves the chance to play safely, and rubber playground mulch is an ideal way to shore up safety for the children who visit your playground.


Why Choose Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch is an ideal playground mulch material for more than merely the safety factor, although it certainly has an edge there. The soft surface and pliable nature of this material minimizes stress on bones and joints as well as abrasion to the skin when children inevitably stumble and fall. 

However, rubber playground safety mulch is also ideal in terms of sanitation and maintenance. Rubber mulch will not float, take on water, or erode, and maintains its shade over time no matter how harsh the conditions. In addition, this material will not grow fungi and mold and does not attract pests, making it the ideal choice to make your playground friendlier for kids with allergies.

On top of all these benefits, rubber mulch is environmentally friendly, an excellent way to give used-up rubber new life.

Why Choose NWA Rubber Mulch?

NWA rubber playground mulch is made right here in the United States. We offer rubber mulch optimized for playground safety, so you can be assured you’re giving the kids the best. Check out our Products page for more information on playground and landscape mulch, as well as other uses for our premium rubber mulch.

Our mulch is delivered right to your worksite, and comes in a variety of shades to match the mood of your playground, from natural hues to the most vibrant ones. Ask us about our local pickup options in Dallas, St. Louis, and Central Arkansas. Order yours today!

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NWA Rubber Mulch makes it easy to contact us with questions you may have about our rubber mulch products. Our staff would like to help you plan your playground, landscape, or other low-maintenance mulch projects.